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The Perfect Storm

Updated: Jul 19, 2023

Early in the summer, the San Angelo branch experienced an electrical storm that literally fried equipment that delivers internet connectivity enabling access to VIP, Wi-Fi, printing, VoCollect picking, phone systems, etc.

The mission of the technology, operations and local San Angelo teams was to quickly recover from this disaster so they could continue to "Sell Beer for a Living." The players were Jake Beasley who worked with the local team to implement manual workarounds for picking product, and Annie Nguyen, Shawn Leibert, and Rob Willson coordinated a plan for IT around 3am that morning.

The execution was implemented by Rob Willson who, with zero hesitation, drove a cellular "hotspot" to San Angelo that same morning with the single goal to "get the internet flowing like a cold Miller Lite from the tap on a Saturday night." Upon arrival, Rob immediately jumped into action and within a couple of hours he was able to get the internet and all business-critical services back up and running. Rob, along with many others, did what was necessary and answered the call of duty.

Thank you all for your fantastic support of San Angelo!

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