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Glazer's Beer & Beverage began operating on July 1, 2016, when the Glazer family formed new subsidiaries to operate their beer distribution business.

However, Glazer’s has been involved in the beer distribution business since 1933 and began buying beer distributors in earnest in 1998. Since 1998 Glazer’s acquired over 30 beer distribution companies and added many significant brand portfolios. Today, GBB continues to build out its portfolio of brands by embracing the consumers’ demand for unique and experiential offerings within the beverage industry.


A Generational Legacy

Connecting The Dots


GBB is a wholly owned subsidiary of Glazer’s, Inc., a family business owned by descendants of Louis Glazer, who entered the beverage distribution industry in 1909, when he opened Jumbo Bottling Company to manufacture flavored sodas.


Louis Glazer’s sons, Max, Fritz and Nolan, formed Glazer’s Wholesale Drug Company of Dallas when Prohibition ended in 1933. When the Texas Legislature legalized 3.2 beer in August 1933, the newly formed company acquired a license to sell and sold its first keg on September 15, 1933.

Glazer’s has been operating in the alcoholic beverage distribution business ever since.










1997- 2001



Louis and Joe Glazer move to Dallas, Texas and open Jumbo Bottling Company. They distribute flavored soda water from the back of horse-drawn wagons.

With the repeal of Prohibition, Louis Glazer’s sons Max, Fritz, and Nolan start Glazer’s Wholesale Distributors. As the appointed Schlitz Beer distributor of Dallas, Glazer’s Wholesale Distributors serves a population of 265,000.

Glazer’s Inc. opens in Louisiana.

Glazer’s Inc. opens in Arkansas.

Glazer’s Inc. opens in Arizona.

Glazer’s Inc. opens in Oklahoma & Mississippi.

Glazer's Inc. adds five states in five years: Missouri 1997, Indiana 1998, Iowa & Ohio 1999, and Kansas 2001.

Glazer’s Inc. opens in Tennessee.

Glazer’s Inc. extends its footprint to Alabama & the U.S. Virgin Islands.

Glazer’s Inc. extends its footprint to Canada.

Glazer’s Beer & Beverage (GBB) LLC was created.
- Additionally, Southern Wine & Spirits merged with Glazer's to create a joint venture know as Southern Glazer's Wine and Spirits (SGWS).

Premier-Midwest LLC and Premier Glazer's LLC join the
Glazer's Beer & Beverage family.

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